How to Make Dubstep Music

We’ve gone all out at The Dubstep Creator to get you started producing your own tracks. You’ll learn what it takes to get started, what kind of hardware and software to use, and everything there is to know about sampling, synthesis, and effects for making dubstep. 

RuskoIf you’ve never made your own music before, or don’t know the first thing about structuring your tracks to please a crowd, you’ve come to the right place.

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Getting Started With Dubstep Music

To get started with dubstep music production, all you really need is a computer (desktop or laptop) purchased within the last five years, a decent set of speakers or headphones, and the right software. In production language, this will be your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

When choosing your DAW, it’s important to start off simple. – When you learned how to ride a bike, you started with training wheels and eventually progressed to a two-wheeled bike. If you would’ve tried to ride the big-kid bike right away, you probably would have gotten too frustrated to make any progress.

When learning music production for the first time, a problem most people run into is frustration and eventual loss of interest because of painfully complex software.

Starting with a simpler DAW is great because you can start having fun making your tracks right away, and develop your own style of mixing, before moving on to a more expensive and advanced DAW.

For everything about choosing the right software, check out the Dubstep Software section.

How to Make Dubstep Music

Designing your dubstep track can be as simple as sampling and arranging a few sounds to resemble a beat, or as painstaking as carefully synthesizing your own sounds.

Dubstep’s sonic palette is hugely important to the genre however, and creating your own sounds will eventually be necessary to push its boundaries and make your production stand out.

Music Studio Equipment Epic Dubstep Classroom

Once you start getting further along with your music production, you’re going to realize that clicking on virtual knobs and making minor adjustments with the DAW interface on your computer screen can get really annoying.

It’s useful to get some kind of hardware and use your hands in a more intuitive way to get the most out of your musical creativity.

To learn all about MIDI controllers, and other studio essentials like soundcards, speakers, and monitors, check out the Hardware section.

What is Dubstep?

If you’ve never heard of Dubstep music, well you’ve probably been living in a hole for the past decade. But if you need some help brushing up on your history we can help you. Check out “Wobble: a Dubstep Documentary” and learn the history and the cuture of the genre. Also check out 7 Ways to Improve Creativity and How to Market Your Music.

Be Resourceful

And finally, stop by the Resources page for a list and reviews of all the resources you’ll need to make your own dubstep.

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