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Free Dubstep Software

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Start With Some Free Dubstep Software

There are a lot of good reasons to start with free dubstep software rather than fork over the cash for the expensive stuff right away. It’s always good to be able to gauge your interest in something before you become fully invested in it. A lot of the free programs, though quite limited, can be much less complicated than the professional software, allowing you to create your first few tracks in a matter of minutes!

Here are three completely free dubstep music production programs. If you’ve never produced a track before, these programs are a great place to start.

Club Create Online Dubstep Mixer

Free Dubstep Software

The first program is an impressive, free, web-based application – specifically designed for dubstep music. Since it’s web-based, there’s no need to download any suspicious files or anything.

It’s a great tool to test your interest in dubstep music, and music production in general.

Linux LMMS

Free Linux LMMSHere’s a free program similar to FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops) created by Linux. This one is a downloadable file, but we had no problems with corrupt files or malicious software during our download. So as far as we can see, it’s a safe download.

Again, remember you won’t get the level of functionality found in paid programs, but it’s a great start.

If you want to take things a step further, but are still turned off by the idea of spending hundreds of dollars for FL Studio, Ableton, or Reason, you might wanna give DubTurbo a try. The capabilities of DubTurbo are at a much higher level than the free programs listed above, but it’s still a very easy program to learn.

DubTurbo is a fraction of the cost of the major production platforms, but has 90% of the capabilities, making it a great starting point for first-time producers.

Here’s a quick clip of the software in action:

Check out more details about DubTurbo, including features, capabilities, downloadable extras, and pricing HERE.


See our Dubstep Software section for more on choosing the right software for your music production workstation, and remember to sign up for our email updates below for a free download of over 100 dubstep drum sounds!

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