How to Make Dubstep in Dubturbo

Here’s a 4-part video series on how to start using Dubturbo. As you’ll find out, its pretty easy to learn compared to the more advanced programs out there like Ableton, FL Studio, and Reason. We like to recommend it for first-timers because of its simplicity, functionality, and affordability, as you might have read in the Dubstep Software section.

The videos were made by some of the creators of the software itself, so they do a great job of covering pretty much everything about the program.

Hopefully these videos gave you a good feel for how DubTurbo works. DubTurbo is an affordable entry-point into the music production industry. It’s the best way to start producing your own tracks in the shortest amount of time, for a fraction of the cost of other programs.

You can learn more about the features and specifications of DubTurbo on their websitealong with other extras like downloadable sound clips to use in your music production. They even give you access to a web-based version if you need to produce on the go.

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