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DIY MIDI Controller

Looking for a cheap, custom MIDI controller to add to your dubstep studio?

The MOJO controller

Here’s how you can build one just like the picture below, by yourself!

The first video walks you through what is possibly one of the most impressive DIY MIDI controller builds out there.  The controller was designed by a guy called Moldover , it’s called – the MOJO.

This project is not for the faint of heart. But check out the video anyway!

Moldover has gone “open source” with this entire project – meaning you can download all of his plans, including a parts list, instructions, and two Ableton Live templates mapped for the MOJO. Download his plans at their website.

If your looking for a slightly easier (and cheaper) project, this video shows you how to build your own MIDI controller for under a dollar!

A side-benefit is that it’s ultra portable too…


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