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Best Software for First-Time Producers

There are three important things to consider when you’re thinking about purchasing your first DAW software:

  • Price
  • Software’s capabilities and features
  • Your skill level

As a first-time music producer, you want to find a good balance between these three variables. Otherwise, you risk either A – spending too much money, only to find out music production is not for you, B – spending money or wasting time downloading some type of crappy software, only to find that it barely gives you any control over the sounds you create, or C – getting involved with highly complex professional-grade software and giving up on music production because it takes you hours just to figure out how to make a basic drum loop.

Starting with a program that matches your skill level will allow you to get a feel for the process of music production as a whole, rather than spending hours on all the little idiosyncrasies of complex software. You will be free to develop your own style and feel in your music before moving on to a more rigorous program. Doing this will put you on the fast-track to becoming a professional producer.

Fortunately, we found a DAW that matches these characteristics perfectly, and gives you the perfect balance of cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and plenty of features to give you the production freedom you need.

The name of the software is DubTurbo.

Keep reading to hear more about the features and why we think it’s exactly what a first-time producer needs to get started, or check out a demo of the program right away at DubTurbo.com.

Here’s a look at how DUBturbo pairs intuitive ease of use with studio quality output for you, taking away limitations that hold most people back, allowing you to create hot beats with little effort fast:

DT Sequencer

DT Sequencer

FEATURES: Keyboard shortcuts everywhere so you can maneuver around the ap and produce FAST! Familiar panel layout to big DAW’s and production tools make this EASY to use, and easy to transition into other software later in your career. We also link you to our contests and submission section from this screen to keep you fresh.


  • 16 Tracks Of Stereo Boomin’ Sound To Build Your Hot Beats With.
  • EASILY Draw in or Trigger Sounds w/Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Draw In Bars & Build In 2 Clicks – Change Sounds/Patterns Fast.
  • Drag & Copy Your Bars Around – Then Edit Them, Easy!
  • Jog Through 1000’s Of Sounds & Drums Browse Or Pre-Set!
  • Record Live To The Metronome or Draw or Tap In Your Beats.
  • Edit Volumes, Go Solo, Mute, Save, edit Tempo + More!
  • Export Your 44.1 Studio Quality .wav Master – Industry Standard!

Drum Machine Panel

Drum MachineFEATURES: EVERY Pad has a keyboard trigger assigned to it (going 1-10 (zero) moving up the keyboard) so you can bang in your beats on the keyboard you type on like you were on an MPC! THIS IS SICKKKKK < Must Try It! There’s a little demo for you below.




  • 10 Pads per Kit, 40+ kits, PERK = import your own samples!
  •  EASY To Record Your Beat With Triggers Or DRAW It In.
  • Change Your Kit Selection On The Fly To Change Up Beats FAST.
  • Edit Volume Of Each Pad + Perfectly Mix The Whole Kit Easily.
  • Move Sounds Around, Erase With Ease – IMPORT YOUR OWN!
  • All Drums Have Been MASTERED! Jaw-Dropping-Quality: Always!
  • Stereo Imaging Everywhere (Your Beat Will Sound ‘Full’).
  • Export Just The Drums Or Full tracks! Mute/Solo Export Calls.

4 Octave Keyboard

4-Octave KeyboardFEATURES: Two octaves of the four are controlled by your keyboard (the one you type on), So you can play your melodies using keys, NO NEED FOR MIDI CONTROLLERS – This is standalone – and proud! You get everything here from pianos, to saxes, stabs, hiphop hits, quirks, bass, bells, and top shelf samples all around to ensure authenticity in each beat! And you can import your own sounds easily.


  • Awesome 4 full octave keyboard, Others Give You 1 or 2…
  • Simply Draw In Melodies Or Play/Record With Keyboard!
  • Change Your Instrument Selection On The Fly – NO load time!
  • Edit Volume Of Each Sample + Overlap Other Sounds FAST!
  • Move Sounds Around or Erase Notes With One Click.
  • 1000’s of Sounds – All MASTERED & Stereo Imaged!!
  • Auto Quantize Your Recording – Notes Snap to The Right Spots!

After you actually create a beat you like, you can export your beats to 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format! (The industry standard studio quality output that goes on CD’s, into studio’s, you convert to proper MP3 from this as a web master, give the .wav to radio stations, DJ’s for clubs, bigger studios etc… also what you would give customers that buy your beats).

DubTurbo is an excellent program to start with as a first-time producer, its less than a quarter of the price of professional-grade software and yet has 95% of the features, which will help you focus on what’s necessary to develop your own style of production quickly.

They have free demonstrations and detailed videos showcasing the software over at their website.

The software is at a reduced price for a limited time, and buyers can also be entered into a DJ contest hosted by DubTurbo where you can win up to $5,000 for  producing the best beat with your new software!



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