Dubstep Production Resources

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We mention a lot of good resources for building your production studio and pushing yourself to the next level as an artist throughout The Dubstep Creator.

Upon request, here is a list of everything you might need whether you’re just learning this stuff or you’re looking to progress your production skills.


DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations): The foundation of your production environment

For Newbies (aka “What the F#*% is DAW?”):

Note: If you’re just starting out, swallow your ego now and go with the more basic stuff (above). They’re much cheaper than the professional programs, and you’re more likely to stick with it long enough to really make some progress – since producing your first few tracks will be that much easier.

So you call yourself a producer?:

– Make sure to check back soon, as the site grows, more resources will be added-

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